Friendly Walks

Passeggiate Amiche is an invite to walk or ride a bike following easy itineraries, near home but far from the city traffic, putting together the pleasure of a moderate physical activity and that of the discovery of the hidden angles of the territory. Walking or riding a bike is a way to keep fit, to relax and regenerate psychologically, to better know the land, to stay in company, to move low cost and without polluting, to live new and fulfilling emotions. It concerns in 14 easy itineraries, for anyone, in a territory fully inhabited but still pleasant, especially if seen from a different perspective rather than the habitual one.

This is the land between plain and hills, between Panaro and Secchia rivers, that connects the municipalities of Savignano, Spilamberto, Vignola, Marano, Castelvetro, Castelnuovo Rangone, Formigine, Maranello, Fiorano e Sassuolo. It is the land of cherries, Lambrusco, Balsamic Vinegar, hills, streams, castles and many other excellences... but also simply of quiet and pleasant places. Walking through these paths it is possible to appreciate different aspects of the land such as the beauty of places and landscapes, the tranquillity of the countryside, the banks of the streams, the squares of historical centres, the museums and tastes the good products coming from the field and the local gastronomy. So, Passeggiate Amiche is advice to organize in a new and original way the free moments of life. Emotions will not fail with the right quantity of positive vibes and company; at the end, a sense of happiness and a both physical and psychological fulfilment will prevail. It is a method to valorize oneself and promote the interpersonal relations, valuing the best that the land can offer. It is also an invite to be kind to the environment but deep in the knowledge of ourselves and of what is surrounding us, to not submit to stress and sedentary and repetitive daily life. The duration of the rides varies from a few hours to an entire day, depending on the chosen itinerary, the curiosity, the physical training.

The walk that pass by Castelvetro is ITINERARY 6 Da Castelvetro a Levizzano Rangone: tra i vigneti del Grasparossa



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