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Castelvetro di Modena is also home to other excellent products:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Typically Mediterranean product, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the cold pressing of the olive, the fruit of the European Olea species. This product is characterized by the remarkable benefits it brings to the body: the presence of antioxidants and a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, very useful for fighting cholesterol. It is used in the kitchen to dress salads, flavor food and store vegetables. Its high smoke point makes it extremely suitable for frying. In the countryside of Castelvetro, some specimens of ancient olive trees have been preserved, which were once used for the production of oil at a family level. The local farms that can boast the production of extra virgin olive oil among their products are undoubtedly few, but with a product of exceptional quality.


Nocino is a typical Modenese liqueur made from walnuts harvested towards the end of June – according to tradition on June 24, St. John’s day – when the fruits are still far from ripening and equipped with a nice green colored husk. It is usually produced by the Modenese families according to ancient recipes handed down over the decades, with slight variations, which give it an absolutely unique and original character from time to time. This liqueur, bright brown in color, is characterized by a strong and harmonious perfume and lends itself perfectly to the end of any meal.

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