Castelvetro V.I.T.A.

How to join the consortium

Membership criteria

All-natural and legal persons carrying out tourism-hotel, catering, agricultural, agritourism activities in the food and wine and agri-food sector, commercial, artisanal, professional, service, in general, including operators who, by the affinity of activity, may be admitted as members if they ask to participate in the Consortium, even if they do not operate strictly in the Castelvetrese territory.

How to join

The admission to the Consortium is subject to an application request by the interested party submitted to the Board of Directors. The legal representative of the company must declare its knowledge and acceptance of the rules of the Association, the Regulation, and the resolutions already adopted by the Bodies of the Consortium.

The Board of Directors will decide whether to accept the application for admission. Having verified the correspondence of the requirements and the affinity for the purposes of the Consortium, it will communicate its motivated decisions via a registered letter or PEC.