Inalca S.p.a.

Inalca Spa, the first national company in the beef production sector, carries out integrated industrial activities covering all working and transformation processes in this sector and is present on all main international markets.
Right from the beginning, the company mission of Inalca Spa has been to satisfy the production standards requested by its reference clientèle, developing its capacity to create and develop meat and meat-based products for specific market segments over time.
Inalca Spa believes that the development of companies in the food and agriculture sector is linked to a concept ofsustainability which cannot be limited exclusively to market economic dynamics, but which extends to environmental and social factors capable of ensuring an adequate level of support for the primary agricultural activities and a balance between the agricultural production itself and the surrounding environment. In this context the protection and promotion of animal welfare is the founding element of every production activity.


In the production sector, Inalca Spa operates in two areas:
- Beef production
- Charcuterie and snacks
The production sector (Inalca Spa and Montana Alimentari Spa) with 2,500 employees realized a consolidated turnover of 1,228.90 million Euros in 2010, 40% of this abroad.

The entire sector consists of 9 highly automated production plants, specialized by product type: five dedicated to beef production and four producing charcuterie and snacks.
Inalca Spa is the absolute leader in Italy and is one of the main European beef processors. It produces and sells a complete range of vacuum-packed fresh and frozen meats, products portioned in a protective atmosphere, tinned meats, ready foods, fresh and frozen hamburgers, minced and pre-cooked meats.
With a slaughtering capacity of 3,000 head of cattle/day and the processing of 400,000 tons of meat per year (of which 85,000 tons of hamburgers), the company operates by way of a production structure consisting of 5 plants in Italy, specialized by processing line, and 9 foreign branches in Europe, Russia and Africa.
Montana Alimentari Spa is among the top Italian companies in the production, sales and distribution of charcuterie and snacks, with over 230 products offered. Owner of the historic brand "Montana" and of the brand "IBIS", the company has a production structure of 4 plants, specialized by product type and located in the production areas distinguished by the DOP (PDO - Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (PGI -Protected Geographical Indication) marks. It is also one of the main operators in the market of tinned meats and pre-sliced charcuterie in Italy.

Inalca S.p.a.
Via Spilamberto n.30/C - 41014 Castelvetro di Modena (MO)
tel. +39 059 755111
fax. +39 059 755517/9


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