Discovering Levizzano Rangone

The day will start in the early morning with a farmer’s breakfast at a local farm, between the Modenese hills. The visit at the farm included the tour in the acetaia (vinegar cellar), where you will discover the secrets and the production phases of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, a precious and ancient ritual passed down from generation to generation. You can also have a tasting of this precious product.

After a walking through the suggestive landscape of the hills, Levizzano Rangone is a hamlet of Castelvetro located on among beautiful rolling hills, about 4 km far from the town. Its main attraction is the homonymous Castle, built as a defensive bulwark against the Hungarians and ceded by the bishop of Modena to the Marquis Bonifacio of Modena, Matilda di Canossa's father.
The last important restoration work finished in 2007 and allowed recovering this historical and cultural building, making it perfectly functional to cultural activities. Within the surrounding wall stand the Matildic Tower and a deconsecrated chapel. Starting from the XII century, the entire structure has been fortified and extended thanks to the construction of the feudal palace. The so called Bishops’ rooms, on the ground floor, with their beautiful frescoed ceilings, date back to the XVI century. Family coats of arms adorn the lacunar ceilings, along with allegorical figures and friezes. Along the top of the walls are frescoes of chivalrous scenes, romantic moments, hunting, but also rural landscapes with small villages and castles which recall closeby places.

At the foot of the Castle, there is Campo San Rocco, a former Napoleonic Cemetery, built in compliance with the introduction of the Napoleonic law in Italy. It is one of the few remaining examples of this kind in Italy.

The Church of Levizzano was built in 1903, in neoromanic style and it is adorned with porch and rose window. Inside, the space is divided in three naves and it is full of Romanesque elements, such as round arches and cross vaults. On the right side chapel, there is a painting dated back to 1756 depicting St. Antonino Martyr next to an angel holding a book and a sword; another little angel crowns the Saint with roses. In the background, in the distance, the Castle of Levizzano stands.

From the Church, following the old pilgrim route of Via Tiberia, one can reach the Oratory of San Michele situated in a splendid panoramic position. Dating back to the XI century, it represents a real jewel of Romanesque Art and the current structure still conserves its ancient rectangular hall deprived of its apse, contrasts with the exuberant ornamentation of the facade and the refined decoration of the portal on the right wall. The facade is divided into two parts by a series of very deep blind arches, trimmed with a motif of ovules and strings and edged with serrated engraving. The portal archivolt, featuring a fragmented pattern of intertwined small palms and ribbons, rests on two monolithic columns with foliated capitals. A small head can be seen at its centre, the only one remaining of the two, which presumably adorned the upper part. Better conserved is the elegant ornamentation of the side door. The Oratory of San Michele is included in the itineraries Romanico con GustoTransromanica and Romanica.

The day will continue among the sweet and rolling hills of Castelvetro, discovering the main product of the area that is Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOP. You will experience a guided tour to a wine production cellar, where you will enjoy a glass of fine wine accompanied by a rural appetizer.

A must see is the guided tour through the streets of the charming old town centre of Castelvetro, a jewel of the province of Modena, with its towers, churches, palaces and the characteristic chessboard paving of Piazza della Dama.

The day will end visiting Fili d’Oro a Palazzo (Golden Yarns at Palace), an exhibition of Renaissance-style dresses, finely handmade by volunteers of the Dama Vivente Association.

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