Liquori Gorfer

The Gorfer company was founded by Gorni and Ferraguti in 1950 in Mirandola. At first, it was born as a vinegar factory but then it was converted into a distillery. In 1955, Giuseppe Miotto and Giuseppe Digito, called Pino, bought the company and then turned it into a factory. Giuseppe and Pino's passion and experience brought to the creation of authentic milestones of the Emilian liqueurs tradition, such as the characteristic Prugna liqueur, that is Gorfer's symbol. The company also produces Nocino, the traditional Modenese liqueur, Sassolino and Marasca. The competence in producing these products brought the two owners to claim the co-founder role of Consorzio del Nocino in 1963. Nowadays, the activity still goes on thanks to the new direction of Italian Art of Living s.r.l. and Pino's support for the production.


  • Nocino
  • Prugna
  • Sassolino
  • Marasca
  • Fernet
  • Sambuca
  • Benevento
  • Amaro Felsina
  • China
  • Rosolio
  • Liquirizia
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