Tortellini with broth

Tortellini is a delicious ring-shaped type of fresh pasta of Modena and Bologna. The stuffed is called "pesto" and it is a mixture of meat and cheese enclosed in a thin egg pasta cleverly hand molded to create the typical shape that resembles, according to the myth, navel of Venus the goddess of love. Tortellini are excellent served in hot broth.


  • 1 kg  beef meat
  • 1 kg hen (or capon)
  • salt

Use a pot enough capable to contain all the meat, covered with cold water. Bring to boil over low heat and maintain the boil constant whit the lid up, in order to let the steam evaporate. Frequently skim the broth to keep it clear. Usually the cooking time of the meat is about four hours. Set aside half of the prepared broth to cook tortellini (during the cooking some tortellini will easily break and lose their filling, muddying the broth), and use the remaining very hot broth to serve tortellini in the frame that they deserved.


  • 400 gr white flour
  • 4 fresh chicken eggs

Pour the flour on the wooden cutting board, making a hole in which break the eggs; then beat them with a fork, knead and mix the ingredients to obtain a uniform, lump-free dough of medium consistency. If case the product results too hard or too soft, adjust it with egg or flour. One reached the right consistency, spread the cutting board with flour and start flatting the dough with a rolling pin. In this phase the position of arms is fundamental: they must be wide to make the rolling pin roll in the palms of the hands: it must run on the dough with a constant pressure. The end result must be a large oval of pasta about 1 millimeter thick. At this point the dough must be cut to obtain 3x4 cm squares on which the filling will be placed. The two opposite vertices of the square are joined and a triangle is formed, stopped at the edges by pressing the dough. The other two vertices are well joined together by making a sort of ring around the tip of the index finger, thus giving the characteristic shape of tortellino. The closures are very important in order not to let the filling out during cooking. Use the boiling broth to cook tortellini: after having poured them in the broth, it will lose its boiling and, in a few minutes, tortellini will tend to float, which means that they are ready and the cooking is completed. Remove tortellini from the cooking broth and serve them with the warm and clear broth formerly kept aside.


  • 100 gr pork loin
  • 35 gr Prosciutto di Modena DOP
  • 35 gr Mortadella di Bologna IGP
  • 60 gr di Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (seasoned 24 month)
  • eggs
  • salt
  • nutmeg

Cut the pork loin into small squares and blanch it in a non-stick pan, stirring well so that a white crust is formed on all sides. Cut prosciutto (ham) and mortadella into slices and then into strips. Once cooled, grind the loin together with the ham in a meat grinder (0.6 mm), alternating the products to obtain a first mixing. During the second passage add mortadella, to have a more homogeneous mixture. After having obtained a well blended mixture, add the cheese and the eggs, whose number depends on the consistency of the filling: if the meat is quite juicy, two eggs are enough otherwise the dose should be increased. At the end, add salt and nutmeg, just enough only to smell the odour (not prevailing other flavours). The filling must be kept in the refrigerator, never in the freezer and its ideal use would to be inserted in tortellini immediately after its preparation. Let tortellini dry on a cutting board, covered by a white cotton cloth and consume them the next day with a good broth.


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